Meal Schedule for a 1 Year Old

It can be stressful trying to feed your little one. Don’t worry and enjoy the process. It’s such an exciting time to see them grow and explore the world of food.

First I’m going to highlight that toddlers won’t like everything. You might actually have to try it three or more times before they will eat. Don’t ever write off a food if they did not like it the first time. Try again a few days later, the goal is to continually expose them. By five times, I would wait a few months before trying again. It’s important to keep exposing them so you can encourage a diet with a variety of different foods.

When creating meals, I always aim for protein, fibre and a fruit or vegetable. While including healthy fats.

Protein can be sourced from grains, beans, nuts, or meat. Switch it up everyday but it’s important to provide them protein for proper development.

Fibre is great from helping your little one develop a strong digestive system and good gut flora. Again aim for getting fibre from a variety of different grains or vegetables, and fruit.

Fruits and Vegetables are known for good health. Give your little one a mix everyday because each food has their own benefit. Be wary of too much fruit in a day because of the sugar.

Healthy Fats are going to help with brain development. Chia seeds, flax meal, butters, avocado oil, olive oil, avocado are all sources. Also try fish too!

Calcium is also another important vitamin your little one needs to consume. You can get this from all dairy products. But if your little one can’t eat dairy, broccoli, kale, almonds, and tofu are great calcium sources.

Below is our schedule, and a few different meals I like to feed my son. I switch it up constantly because we are always trying new foods. But it’s good to have a list of meals you know your little one enjoys.

Remember, enjoy this process! It’s fun watching them try new things.

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