Piper Creek Farmhouse

Welcome to our homestead!

Follow our journey of turning our home into a sustainable hobby farm. We are starting from scratch and I know there are many adventures ahead of us!

First let’s start with a history lesson. Our 1870 gothic charm farmhouse is situated on 20 acres, along the Piper Creek. What is special about this water is that it previously powered the Purdy Mill that is still standing strong on the property.

2022 is a big year for our homestead. We first established our Maple Syrup operation and have big plans for next year. We are now in the process starting our own bee hives to produce honey and bees wax products. We really want to focus our attention on the bees so we can establish strong and healthy hives for future growth.

This year we are also creating our large vegetable garden to produce many crops to last us and our families all year.

With so many projects happening this year, we are also planning for the future. Soon we will have our chicken coop and pigs to help provide us eggs and meat all year round.

So follow us along on our homestead journey!

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