Tips for Starting June Bearing Strawberries

Strawberries are a beautiful fruit that is versatile in the kitchen. My kids love waking up early in the morning to go pick at our patch, and have a bountiful red breakfast. Now June Bearing Strawberries, as you can guess only produce berries in June. There are varieties such as Ever-Bearing Strawberries. They will produceContinue reading “Tips for Starting June Bearing Strawberries”

Starting Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus flowers are at the top of my favourite list. These soft, pillow like gorgeous flowers add elegance to any bouquet. And a must grow in every flower cutting garden. These are a cool weather flowers, meaning they grow best in early spring or late fall. For successful growth it’s recommend ranunculus corms are harvestedContinue reading “Starting Ranunculus Flowers”

Not the start we were hoping for this year…

Well I’ll get right to the bad news, we lost all three of our bee hives this Winter. We have learned during our couple of years of Bee Keeping that Bees are quite finicky. Their ecosystem has to be perfect all year round, and this Winter it was not. One hive we lost to mice.Continue reading “Not the start we were hoping for this year…”

Making the BIG decision…

Six years ago, my Husband and I went camping. While sitting out on the dock, fishing and enjoying the sunset. We talked about life,- really intense, in-depth conversation about our desires and dreams. What we ended up talking about was our future together, and what we both really wanted when we were older. Yes weContinue reading “Making the BIG decision…”