Creating the Perfect Schedule

Ontarians are now under lockdown restrictions, and most parents are facing the struggles of virtual learning. I have to admit we have transitioned nicely this week mainly because of all the practise we have had over the last two years. Here is hoping this is the last time children and parents will have to endure this horrible method of education.

What has helped the most with the transition is creating a rock solid schedule. For some it may be a little much. But with three kids, two dogs, a whole house hold and a Husband working from home. Things can get out of hand quite fast. Having a schedule to reference throughout the day helps us stay on task, and keeps us from getting out of control.

Here is our current schedule:

Our schedule is broken up into a range of different time intervals. The most important for us is to make sure we have enough time when we are eating. A big part of my Motherhood is having the kids in the kitchen helping me. So I always want more time so I don’t feel rushed, and we can enjoy cooking together.

And yes, I like to write out all the activities are going to do. It makes those chaotic times simpler by already knowing what the kids will do at that time. It also helps me stay on top of our craft and activity stock. Nothing worse than a toddler upset because we are out of paint.

A schedule makes all the difference in our world. Here are some tips I have learned when creating a schedule for our family.

Don’t be too strict: The schedule is more for reference, when you find you are in a moment of chaos and need things to be back in order. Just take a peak at the schedule to see what you should be doing at this time, and do that activity. Don’t add more stress to your life by killing yourself over sticking to the scheulde minute by minute.

Create reasonable time-frames: I know sometimes you want to make the most of everyday. And get done whatever you can. But when creating your schedule make sure you create time blocks that are achievable. Thirty minutes might not be enough some days? Then set the time block as more. You want to set yourself up for success.

Schedule time for YOURSELF: As a Mom myself, I know if I don’t schedule the time, it most likely will not happen. So don’t feel selfish making the time visible for yourself, you deserve it.

Be prepared to revise: Don’t think you are going to create this schedule and that is that. You might find after a week you need to revise because something you planned is not working for you, or your family. No need to feel discouraged. Nothing is perfect the first time. And I find I change our schedule with the seasons. Usually warmer months we are outside more doing homestead work compared to the Winter.

Go over it with the whole family: You the creator of the schedule will primarily be in charge. But some days you might find your partner jumps in, and so it’s good for them to know: where the schedule is, how it works, make sure some questions are out of the way. And if you have older kids, it might be good to hear their input, they might want something changed or added.

Creating the perfect schedules takes many trials and errors. And don’t think your schedule needs to be broken down into small increments. You break your day into what works best for you. So if larger blocks of time are more your thing, than go for it! The goal of creating a schedule is to keep your day organized, and your sanity somewhat in check. Not completely because… c’mon you’re a Mom!

I hope this helps with your everyday! Be sure to tag me in your schedule creations @thejaclynyvonne! I love to see how I am helping others, and I appreciate the love!!


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