Building School Lunches

A few weeks in and our first school year is so far a success! Lily is so happy being at school, she has been ready for so long. I love when she comes home and tells me about her day and lol her new friends.

But I will admit it has taken a bit to get us into a morning routine that works for everyone. What helps the most is making sure I am prepared for making her lunch.

School lunches can be so daunting! You want to make sure you pack enough food, and good food that will keep your child energized all day long! I’ve put together a small ebook of tips, important food groups and some lunch ideas to help make your mornings easier!

See below for download!

CLICK on the photo 👆🏻 or

CLICK HERE to download this simple ebook

Be sure to share your creations @thejaclynyvonne! And let me know if you have other amazing tips to help parents out with school lunches!


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