Meal Planner + Grocery List Printables

As a household of four, I find sometimes our grocery bill each week can get out of control. And nothing worse than going over budget, and then throwing out food that was never used.

To help us stay on budget I always make sure to write a grocery list and plan our meals for the week. This helps us by:

  • Buying exactly what we need
  • Not buying too much of either a lot of foods or not enough.
  • Not spending extra on snacks or foods we don’t need. We buy exactly what’s on the list!

The main tip I have is to give yourself the time! Also I have a couple other blog posts that can help you be successful at…

Tips to Successfully Meal Plan

7 Money Saving Grocery Tips

All you have to do is tap on each photo and save onto your device. Either in your photos or in an app like Google Drive or DropBox

Having troubles? You can contact me through any social media profile!

Hope you enjoy!


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