Pressured to be the Best Mom….

Following my first post “The Reality of my Motherhood”. I’m continuing with how social media and millennials think that to be a good Mom you have to be perfect! What I mean by perfect is to have a clean, organized house. For yourself and your children to look fashionable all while having fun, happy moments with no yelling. I know its not just me who sees all of this plastered on social media. And when I became a new Mom, and sat on the couch with my newborn asleep on my chest I thought to myself, I am not a perfect Mom. All Mothers including myself have felt this at least once since beginning of Motherhood. (You know you have thought you have to be perfect!)

Social media can portray many different aspects of Motherhood, some true and some false. We see clean houses, cute crafts and impeccable organization. I’ve got myself scrolling through my feed thinking “wow, I don’t have my sh*t together”. But then people probably have looked at my feed and think, she is a perfect Mom. I’m far from perfect. My sink is usually filled with dishes because I hate washing them. Our playroom is a disaster, constantly littered with dry pieces of play dough in the carpet. Yeah we have a dog, so just imagine all the dog hair we have in our house. I’ve gone a whole week feeding my Daughter the same food for lunch everyday. I’m usually dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, while my kids are covered in food and marker. And I’m not the greatest at staying on top of folding laundry. But I do try to stay on top of things, clean the basics and do fun things with our girls.

But with my feed, many Women don’t realize that I stay at home everyday. I am blessed to be a stay at home Mom. There are many women who work full-time jobs and still do everything I do. (You all are amazing!)

The most important thing I’ve learned this past year is not to compare myself to other Mothers. To not look at social media and think “I’m not that great of a Mom”. Our lives are all different, our schedules, likes and dislikes. You don’t bake a whole lot with your kids, don’t feel like you are slacking. Baking with kids isn’t that fun. You make a great memory, but the memory will contain lots of yelling, big messes and something that might not taste that great if your child got a little carried away with the salt.

I hate changing my kids if they get dirty, I keep them in those clothes all day unless the spaghetti sauce they got on them will smear onto the couch. One thing I’ve learned is that kids can get dirty in less than one minute. The average is about thirty seconds in my household. Now when we go out for events, I’m lucky if my toddler shows up with most of her hair done up still.

Motherhood is not perfect. What is perfect is every moment you get to share with your children and family. The precious time you spent together instead of doing the laundry or organizing a room. And your children won’t remember how you looked or what you wore. They will remember your relationship with them.

You are doing an amazing job! Just tell yourself everyday that you are doing your best and working hard for your kids and family!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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