Fermented Honey Garlic

This is also known as “garlic-infused honey” because the recipe is much like an infusion in addition to fermentation. This recipe can be used in so many ways. Drizzle or use in salad dressings, serve alongside vegetables or use it as a glaze for meat. The fermented garlic is not only tasty, it’s great forContinue reading “Fermented Honey Garlic”

Dairy + Gluten Free Funfetti Cake

From January till the end of March, we celebrate all five of our birthdays. I know, it’s absolute chaos from pretty much having one big party after another. Really, the party never stops! But my love for baking really enjoys this time of year. I adore making my children’s birthday cake. To see their eyesContinue reading “Dairy + Gluten Free Funfetti Cake”

Homemade Drink for Colds and Flus

Our house has been hit with the flu not once but twice in February. With the kids being back in school, and more socializing in the community. It has created some not so great illnesses that are spreading like wildfire. And with a household of five, these illnesses tend to drag on. Thankfully everyone isContinue reading “Homemade Drink for Colds and Flus”