Eating Healthy for Busy Moms

Whether you are a stay at home Mom, work full-time or part-time. Being a Mom means your life is busy! Yesterday alone, I felt like I did not have enough time in the day to get done what I needed too. And I’m home everyday! Not to mention, I didn’t even get to eat myContinue reading “Eating Healthy for Busy Moms”

Our Morning Routine…

Everyday is a surprise when you have kids in the home. Children have a special trait called spontaneity. They could wake up happy, grouchy, still exhausted from maybe not having a good sleep. Kids have the tendency to turn a clean room into a disaster, instantly. Instantly as in three seconds. I am the typeContinue reading “Our Morning Routine…”

The hard days…

Yesterday was one for the memory book. Not the happy, great memories scrapbook. The “bad days”. These are the days we will talk about with our kids when they are older. Reminding them of how great of a parent you were for taking care of them on this really….bad…day. So why was this a badContinue reading “The hard days…”

Our Journey Through Weaning: The Final Week (+three tips I learned)

How are we in the final week already? This time has flown by and I am SO happy about it! Before we started the weaning, I was nervous. Nervous as in having a huge freak out on the inside, causing serious amounts of anxiety. Which almost made me not wean Isla! I thought that maybeContinue reading “Our Journey Through Weaning: The Final Week (+three tips I learned)”

My Journey Through Weaning: Week Two

Officially half way through our weaning journey! I am excited but all insanely nervous because we hit the hard part. Weaning Isla’s two favourite feeds. Today we start the morning nap feed, which I think is going to go horrible. She loves this feed. Truthfully I think it’s more an attachment issue. When Isla firstContinue reading “My Journey Through Weaning: Week Two”