When Homo Milk is a No- Go!

So you make the tough decision on when to breastfeed. But you think, if there is no Breastmilk, does my child need something else? After a few weeks of testing out different mills, I have come to the conclusion that Isla dislikes all milks. Homo, almond, cashew, oat etc. You name it we have triedContinue reading “When Homo Milk is a No- Go!”

My Journey Through Weaning, the Beginning

Everyone is talking about why you should breastfeed? How to breastfeed? And just general conversation about breastfeeding. No one is talking about the “weaning” process. When you decide as Mother it’s time to stop breastfeeding. It can be a hard decision. When do you stop? How do you stop? What to supplement with if needed?Continue reading “My Journey Through Weaning, the Beginning”

Valentine’s Day Puppy Craft

With Valentine’s Day here! It’s fun to get in the craft mood. I know it’s easy to go to the store and buy Valentine’s cards, but making your own make your gift that much more special! We made Valentine Pups this morning, and I think they are pretty cute! My Daughter was quite excited toContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Puppy Craft”

When you decide not to have more kids…

We have been blessed with two beautiful, healthy, smart, hilarious girls! And I never saw myself five years ago with two kids by twenty-seven. Isla is almost a year now and we just hit that strange stage of “Do we want more kids?” Of course everyone else thinks we should because we make such greatContinue reading “When you decide not to have more kids…”

Mom Sanity Savings Tips

Before you have kids, you don’t ever think of the crazy days. You think of all the happy moments you will get to have, and cute photos and laughs. Well if you’re not a Mom yet, just know you are going to have terribly crazy days. What kind of crazy? Forget to eat, get peedContinue reading “Mom Sanity Savings Tips”