The First 30 minutes of my Morning

I always thought I was productive till I had my first child. Was that a wake up call! Before kids I just didn’t have that much to do. Laundry was minimal, we lived in a small apartment which took little time to clean. Now my laundry pile is never ending. I wash my floors andContinue reading “The First 30 minutes of my Morning”

What you should always have in the Baby Bag.

Today the girls and I decided to go on a hiking adventure! With it being so hot still, we might as well take advantage of it before the cold snowy weather arrives. I love being outdoors, smelling the fresh air and watching Lily explore. She has a huge fascination with sticks and being able toContinue reading “What you should always have in the Baby Bag.”

Productivity Challenge… Are you in?

Since starting my social media journey I have met so many people kind enough to share their journey. And give me amazing responses on my posts. Lately, many of my followers have commented on my productivity posts. Those who want more productivity and motivation to increase their happiness, overall daily accomplishments and improve other aspectsContinue reading “Productivity Challenge… Are you in?”