Tips for Starting June Bearing Strawberries

Strawberries are a beautiful fruit that is versatile in the kitchen. My kids love waking up early in the morning to go pick at our patch, and have a bountiful red breakfast.

Now June Bearing Strawberries, as you can guess only produce berries in June. There are varieties such as Ever-Bearing Strawberries. They will produce all summer long. But will not produce the same volume as June Bearing. So I stick with June Bearing to get as many strawberries as I can in a season. I freeze fresh strawberries and make lots of jam.

Growing strawberries is actually quite easy, they are a low maintenance fruit. Keep the weeds at a minimum, your soil at a pH of 6.0 and nutrient dense. Trust me, you do that your strawberries will become weeds and you won’t be able to stay on top of their growth!

A popular question is when should I plant seedlings?

Most greenhouses have strawberry seedlings in the Spring, usually just roots. They will look sad, like dead little things. But they do come to life quite quickly when planted. If you have a friend who has some strawberry seedlings to give, you can transplant in the Fall. In our area I make sure to do it in the beginning of September. This gives the plants 6-8 weeks to establish themselves before the cold weather arrives.

Strawberries love full Sun, and good draining soil. So put thought into your growing area. And a space you don’t mind them going wild if you think you won’t have the time to maintain your patch. Yes, strawberries grow like crazy with new seedlings in July if you properly take care of your strawberry plants.

Plant your strawberries 12-18 inches apart, it’s good to give some space between your plants. Easier for maintenance. But they will grow if they are planted closer together. When planting your strawberries, make sure your crown is above the soil. This is where the new leaves grow from. It’s it is too far below the ground level, your strawberry plant will not thrive. See this picture for reference.

I like to mix in manure with some coffee grinds and egg shells into the soil when I’m planting. It’s important to put effort into your soil quality. Make sure you water your seedlings very well. And stay on top of watering. Strawberries love water!

To help establish your new strawberry plants , it is recommended you pick the blooms off your plants in the first year. This allows the plants to focus their energy on its root system instead of the blooms that will then grow into berries. I know it’s a sad thought to think you won’t get strawberries right away. But it will help ensure fantastic crop for years to come!

When it comes to winter, it’s important to cover your plants with a protecting. I use hay from a local farmer. And I make sure it’s completely covered to protect it from the cold snow. You will want to over it once the frost arrives in the Autumn months. You can also you plant fabric covering to protect your new strawberry plants.

If you take care of your plants, they will grow wild and give you the most beautiful strawberries for years to come!

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