Fermented Honey Garlic

This is also known as “garlic-infused honey” because the recipe is much like an infusion in addition to fermentation. This recipe can be used in so many ways. Drizzle or use in salad dressings, serve alongside vegetables or use it as a glaze for meat.

The fermented garlic is not only tasty, it’s great for your body. The fermentation process allows minerals and nutrients to be more accessible to your body. It is also known to help combat colds or flus.

This recipe is beyond easy! The only hard part is remembering to “burp” your garlic jars everyday. As the honey and garlic sit in a dark space, the garlic juices will start to ferment. Which produces a gas within the jar. If you don’t release the gas, it will start to leak from the jar and it could make a mess. If you’re worried about making a mess, place a plate under your jar. And don’t be concerned if you see bubbles or a bit of foam on top of your honey. That’s just the result from the fermentation process.

You don’t need to worry about botulism with this recipe. Honey is acidic and anti-bacterial. Just make sure the jar you use has been cleaned and sterilized before use. Simply tighten on your lid and away you go!

Be sure to use raw, unpasteurized honey. This is very important because the microbes in pasteurized (not raw) honey have already been killed off. Your garlic won’t ferment properly and will not be safe to consume.

Now that we have gone over the important parts, let’s start preparing!

Fermented Honey Garlic


  • Clean sterilized jar
  • Peeled Garlic Cloves, enough to fill the jar 3/4 full
  • Raw Honey, enough to fill the jar


  1. Sterilize your jar by boiling the glass jar and lid for 10 minutes. Leave it to air dry and cool before using.
  2. Place your peeled garlic cloves into the jar.
  3. Pour your honey overtop till garlic is covered. Leave 1/2 inch space between the honey and the lid.
  4. Place in a dark spot for minimum one month.
  5. Everyday, open your jars to “burp” them. Release some gas. Then tighten the kids again. After one month, you should only have to burp every few weeks.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and be sure to tag me on social media, @thejaclynyvonne !

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