Starting Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus flowers are at the top of my favourite list. These soft, pillow like gorgeous flowers add elegance to any bouquet. And a must grow in every flower cutting garden.

These are a cool weather flowers, meaning they grow best in early spring or late fall. For successful growth it’s recommend ranunculus corms are harvested and dried every year. Though they will do just fine if left in the ground to grow year after year.

When starting your ranunculus flowers you need to soak the dormant corms in room temperature water for 4-6 hours. This is the pre-germination phase. It helps brings your corms back to life. You will know when they have soaked enough when your corms have doubled in size, and look plump.

Plant them in container with high quality potting soil. Be sure to moisten your soil before planting your corms. They need the moisture to continue germinating once planted in soil. But not drenched soil, or your corms will get mouldy while you leave them to germinate.

Corms are unique looking tubers, like little spiders. Be sure to plant the finger-like projections downward gently into your soil. Then cover lightly with more moist soil.

You then need to store your planted corms in a dark and cool place. About 10 degrees Celsius roughly. It will take about 2-3 weeks for your corms to germinate. Be sure to check the moisture level of your soil everyday. I just check with my finger and if it doesn’t feel that wet, I give each pot a spray of water.

Once you see little sprouts, it’s time to bring your ranunculuses out into the light and warmth to continue growing. I am in southern Ontario and plan on transplanting my seedlings into the ground around mid-April. Still plan on covering your Ranunculus during frost. They are a cool weather plant, but don’t handle frost very well.

I’m excited for you to be starting these beautiful flowers in your garden and be sure to tag @thejaclynyvonne along the way!


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