Creating a Birth Plan

It’s starting to feel more real everyday that we will be welcoming our third child into this world! As I enter the third trimester I feel myself starting to prepare even more. Making lists, organizing the house and planning our birth.

We recently decided to have a home birth with our midwife. I have been blessed with two straight forward, unmedicated births in the past. And with all the craziness, rules and protocols because of Covid. I feel like this is the best choice for us.

My Husband and I both put a ton of thought into this decision, had many conversations with other couples we know who had home births as well as did as much research as we could. When planning your birth it is important to think of everything you want and need. There are many questions to ask you yourself when creating the plan.

A birth plan is to help you and your partner feel prepared. But it is also to help prepare your birth team. So when it’s “show time”, they know what you want and can facilitate that easily for you. You want nitrous oxide? They will make sure they have it set up before you even ask for it. You want music? No visitors? So many specifics topics that need to be answered. So you have the best birth possible. N

My MAIN TIP is to understand anything can happen! If you plan on no epidural, be open to asking for one. Especially if you have never given birth. You don’t want a c-section or forceps? You may be in a position that you need to for the safety of your baby. A birth plan is to help prepare you and prepare your team.

Follow down below to help you plan your birth. My tips and suggestions to assist you in feeling prepared to give birth to your little one.

Where would you like to give birth?

Are you wanting to be in the hospital or would you like to be at home? There a many benefits to both. The hospital will have you closer to other medical services incase an emergency happens during labour. But many woman I have talked to said their home birth was a better environment and more relaxing for them. Sit and think which will make you more comfortable. Or maybe you don’t want to be in a rush and want to labour at home as long as possible before making the trip to the hospital. Midwives offer this option to you.

Preferred delivery method?

Do you want vaginal? Do you want c-section? Some things to think about. You may be having a complicated pregnancy and will give you the option for a c-section.

Pain Medication options

I HIGHLY recommend you research this area thoroughly. Do you want the epidural? Or would like to do a natural birth? Maybe use some other pain medications to get you through the labouring. You need to think this through so your team can be prepared when at the hospital. For both my girls I had natural birth. For my first I wanted the epidural but I went from 4cm dilated to 10cm in 20 minutes (craziness I know). So I missed my epidural window and went natural, but had nitrous oxide while pushing. So many different scenarios and options that it’s a must to research and discuss with your health care provider.

What environment do you want during labour?

For first time Mom’s I understand this can be hard. I remember not really knowing until I was actually in labour what I wanted the environment in the room to be. But whether you have had a child or not, it’s good to think and prepare for. Will you want music? The lights dimmed? Labour in the tub? Minimal staff in the room? Again, lots to think about but it’s good to have your team prepared so it’s easy to transition during labour.

What do you want during delivery?

Again, another one you probably won’t know till you are pushing but good to think about. Are you really nervous? Maybe you would like to be coached to push. Do you want the freedom to move into different positions? Or would you like to go at it on your own? Maybe a mirror? Lots to think about but think of your personality. I like to push myself and listen to my body. I have also found after delivering two babies, I like quiet and the ability to focus on myself. Maybe you want more of a coaching team, and things to help empower you to push.

In case of a C-Section

Sometimes a c-section is needed, and it can be a last minute decision. You never know what will happen during labour, so it’s good to think about. Do you want photos taken? Partner to cut the cord? Immediate skin-skin contact with partner? You want these questions answered on your plan, so it makes it easier for your team to achieve what you want in case a c-section is a last minute decision.

After Delivery

Again, you want your team to know exactly what you want. Do you want to hold the baby immediately or as soon as possible? Partner to cut the cord? Are you doing the Cord Bank? Would you like to see or keep your placenta? Many questions to answer, but trust me you want your team to know. Because things can get chaotic during labour and you don’t want your partner missing out on cutting the cord. Or the baby taken right away to weigh when that can wait if the baby is healthy and you want immediate skin-skin.

For the Baby

Are you planning on breastfeeding? Or formula feeding? Would you like the baby weighed and cleaned before you hold it? Would you like the first bath to be at home? Some people like to wait to bathe the baby because some research shows it’s great for their skin and overall health. Definitely an area you need to research. I prefer to bath at home because I like to have as much skin-skin I can get before we head home.

So much information! I totally get it but trust me. The more you know and understand, the better labour will be. Same goes for your team. You want your support system to know what you want, which will make labour and delivery smoother.

Just know that not all birth plans go according to their original plan!

When making your plan, understand anything can happen. Keep an open mind about your plan and put in the time now to understand and learn everything about labour and delivery. Especially pain medication options, c-sections and the environment you want.

Talk to friends and most importantly your health care provider about your birth plan. They will have lots of information for you to take home and read about before creating your plan.

Thanks for reading,


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