Fave Pregnancy Skin + Body Care Products

Skin care has always been a huge part of my life the past eight years. But with each pregnancy I’ve learned just how important it is to care for my skin, and what products are safe and NOT safe during pregnancy. You would think companies would have a heart and make products that are safe for consumers, but you’re wrong! Sadly there are many ingredients out there that can affect our body negatively in many ways. So be sure to do your research!

With pregnancy, I think most Mama’s focus on their belly skin. If you’re reading this to help minimize or reduce stretch marks. This isn’t for you. I hate to be honest and break the news that you can’t avoid stretch marks. Our bodies are all different, but I want you to know that they are normal. And be proud of your stripes! It’s a trophy for growing a baby!!

But it still important to care for our skin and below is some of my favourite products I use everyday! Both body and skin care products that moisturize and care for my delicate skin.

LUSH Ro Argan Body Conditioner – This luxurious cream is a perfect in-shower treatment to help boost the moisture of your skin. I love using this twice a week on top of the Buffy Bar to help leave my belly feeling moisturized and soft. This body conditioner also smells amazing!

LUSH Buffy Bar – This in-shower body exfoliant and moisturizer is great for that growing belly. The gentle exfoliation helps remove the dead skin while the Shea butter leaves the skin feeling soft. A great way to help treat and prevent stretch marks.

Live Clean Scent Free Moisturizer – This is my favourite lotion because it is not greasy and dries fast. Great for a busy Mom who needs to get ready fast in the mornings. It’s also not greasy and I prefer non-scented to reduce chemicals on my body from perfumes. This product is also reasonably priced which is another bonus because when pregnant, you do use a lot of moisturizer.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Lavender Soap – Infused with essential oils this cleanser is a safe option to clean your body during pregnancy. It’s effective and the light lavender scent leaves you calm and relaxed.

Sukin Shampoo – Free from silicons, silicates and other chemicals this is my go-to shampoo. It leaves my scalp feeling clean but my hair feeling soft and strong.

Beauty Counter Skin Care – Their skin care line is my go-to pregnant or not. Not only is it effective it is also clean. I feel safe knowing that I am putting products on my skin that won’t cause me harm, short-term and long-term. They have both skin care, body, baby and makeup products.

There are many other products out there! Which ones do you love?


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