Making the BIG decision…

Six years ago, my Husband and I went camping. While sitting out on the dock, fishing and enjoying the sunset. We talked about life,- really intense, in-depth conversation about our desires and dreams. What we ended up talking about was our future together, and what we both really wanted when we were older. Yes we were only a year into dating at that point. But did you meet your partner and go “yep, they’re the one!” That was pretty much my Husband and I.

Later that night, this awful camper trailer was parked a few spots down from our tent. They had the loudest generator I have ever heard! Honestly, it sounded like it was going to catch fire at any moment. The annoying noise sparked our conversation of wanting to live in the country. I grew up in the country, and I always wanted to go back because of its simplicity. My Husband grew up in the city and wanted the country for the space, privacy and lack of noise. We both knew from that night going forward it’s what we, as a couple wanted.

Soon Lily came around, then we got married. Next thing we know I was pregnant with Isla. At this time we were into a our second new built home in Bowmanville. Although it was nice being close to the amenities and stores, it never felt like home. We both didn’t like the suburbs, and how close neighbours were. How loud it was every weekend, and that we couldn’t let the kids play in the front yard without feeling terrified something would happen.

For two years we were back and forth on the idea of moving to the country. We wrote down our list of must-haves when looking and kept an open mind. But some how nothing would stick. We blamed it on bad offers, and bad timing. But really I think it was because we were scared. Scared of change. Even though moving to a home with property in a small town was what we wanted, we knew it was going to be different, possibly hard.

One gorgeous sunny day at the trailer. My Husband and I were both randomly, not knowing each other were looking on MLS. Came across the same house at the same time. My Husband grabbed my attention and said “Hey, I think I found our house!”. I responded with “I think I did too”. We both turned our phones around, lo and behold it was the same house!

We booked a viewing as soon as we could and made our way out to the house. In the past two years we have looked at many houses. But none gave me that comforting feeling while driving up to it. On our way to our home, I felt comfortable and relaxed. And it continued even when we pulled into the driveway. We both knew right away, that this was it. It checked everything off on our must-have list and more. We knew it was old (150 years to be exact) and it was going to needs lots of TLC. But we both love projects and DIY, and I’m a busy bee and can never sit still! Both of us knew leaving that viewing that this was it! And it was the first time both of us didn’t feel scared taking the next step.

We put in our offer, it was accepted, skip ahead a few months later and here we are! Yes we had a few bumps and stitches along the way. But you can’t expect any new journey to be flawless. I love our home! I have a passion for old things and history. This home, yes has been loved for years by other people but I believe it’s ready for real love and memories to be made. While having a face lift during this time.

I love waking up in the morning, walking outside with my coffee and the girls to see what new footprints are in the snow. Or see the dogs running around and enjoying the space. To explore nature and teach the girls was the environment provides for us. To raise our honey bees this summer, make maple syrup and go fishing in our front yard.

This blog post isn’t just to talk about us and our new home. It’s to show you to never quit on a dream. Understand dreams can take time, it took us two years to get where we are. But if you make a plan, stick with it. And don’t let fear get in the way. I say it simply that change is hard. It can be complicated, frustrating and exhausting. But it can also be exciting and exhilarating. And help you discover more about yourself.

Moving our to the country has really helped show my Husband and I the simple, low noise lifestyle we really want. Not always hustling, and going everywhere. To just be home, enjoy the space, the land and our home.

What dream do you have that you’re holding back on?

Thanks for reading,


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