House Cleaning Routine + DOWNLOAD

A new year, new decade and new me! We have two adults, two kids and two dogs living in our big beautiful new home. And know what I have realized? The house is always a mess! Since we have moved, I feel like all I do is clean everything. For the start of this new year, I created a new cleaning routine. And honestly, a week in and my life is already easier.

Having specific days where certain tasks are done, on the same day every week has helped keep the clutter down. Also has helped me stay in control of our day-to-day routine. With so many bodies, and craziness (two kids under four and two dogs) our house tends to turn into a pig stye fast.


  • Have a big cleaning job? Save it for the weekend. Try not to change around your days or trust me, the whole week will be a write off.
  • Do one load of laundry a day. I have skipped days before and ended up making a big laundry mess for myself!
  • Create a cleaning basket/ caddy – one place where all your cleaning products are, that is easy to carry around. It makes cleaning so much easier when you can grab one whole basket compared to all the products. I always have these product in my caddy:
    All Purpose Cleaner ( I make my own with vinegar and essential oils)
    Cleaning wipes ( I love Babyganics)
    Glass cleaner
    Bathroom cleaner (I make my own using vinegar and Dawn Dish Soap)
    Bleach cleaner (I’m not one for chemicals but kids and dogs can make gross messes sometimes)
    Toilet bowl cleaner
    A sponge
    Microfibre clothes

See the download below to see my weekly cleaning routine. This honestly has saved my sanity.

house cleaning routine- thejaclynyvonne

*Click on the image above or the link to DOWNLOAD *

I hope this helps makes your life easy!



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