DIY Refinished Country Table

With the move in less than two weeks, we have been frantically packing, making lists and preparing to make the BIG move! This will be our third move in less than five years. By now I should be a pro, but honestly I forgot how much work goes into moving. Maybe because there are two, endless energy kids in the mix. Or we just have more stuff!

This week I made a crazy decision to squeeze in a furniture restoration project. I know what you’re thinking, “Jaclyn, you have TWO weeks till you move!”. I thought that after I started my project, but honestly it was worth it. Our current kitchen table is going to be too big for our new home, and I really want to add more rustic farmhouse pieces.

I came across this table for only $70! Such a steal for a great, sturdy table. It just needed a bit of love, and a lot of sanding! I peeled off the top layer and all the top coat that had been put on in the past. Took a little longer than I expected, but it turned out beautiful.

The kitchen at our new place is going to be bright. Lots of white and antique white. I wanted a furniture piece with a rustic look and gorgeous colour, to pair with our century home. I knew right away I wanted Jolie Paints Sage Chalk Paint. This subtle, modern green had me excited the first time I saw it. What I love about Jolie is how easy it is to use. I didn’t have to sand the legs, simply cleaned them and applied the paint. Chalk paint is very versatile and can be used and any surface.

I first started with two coats, the original evergreen paint on the table was hard to cover. Once completely dried, I sanded the paint with a very fine grit. This helps remove any heavy paint strokes and makes the furniture piece look smooth. I finished with a third coat, and followed with a clear wax application.

If you’re ever wondering about choosing not to finish your chalk paint piece with wax, you MUST. It really helps enhance the colour of the paint, and give it a flawless matte appearance. The green popped even more after the wax and my Husband even loved it, and truthfully he was hesitant about a Sage coloured table from the beginning.

I had a specific look in mind for the table top. I really wanted it to look aged and rustic. To achieve this I let the stain sit longer in some areas to achieve the darkness.s I did two coats using Varathane English Chestnut, followed by a sanding. The sanding really helped lighten any areas that turned out darker than I anticipated.

After it was wiped cleaned, I did a third application of stain. I needed to do three because I like to gradually apply the stain. Also this was pine wood, which results in most stains looking lighter than on others woods. After I did the last coat, I applied a couple coats of Varathane Finishing Top. This helps give the table a beautiful, glossy look. It also helps protect the table top.

This entire project cost me $220! Yes, that’s it! I will admit that I was quite nervous before I started this table; restoring furniture can be a difficult task. But with proper planning, and giving yourself the time to complete the project. You will always have perfect results!

Now I’m ready for the next restoration!

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