Five Daily Activities To Do With Your Child

Life in our day in age is busy. Every Mom or parent I talk to when I ask how have you been, usually is a response about how busy life is. Or I say I’m busy! Between preschool, activities, work or appointments the days can fly by.

What sparked this topic was a question my Husband brought up one evening.

“What can I do everyday to bond with our girls?”

My husband works five to seven days a week, and always for twelve hours a day. I know crazy, but work is work and money is money. And lately he mentioned that he hasn’t been bonding with our daughters as much as he would like, and he wants too. He understand how much he works, but he doesn’t want our girls remembering that all he did was work.

So I decided to do some research. Both online and I looked at what I did with the girls daily. And found some activities every parent should be doing with the child(ren) everyday, to help grow their bond.

These activities can be however long you like. Even just for five minutes. The importance of doing these activities every single day are to help grow a bond with your child and validate your relationship.

Ask Them About Their Day

Always at dinner time, we ask the girls about their day. Even if we spent the whole day with them. It’s interesting to see what they remembered or loved the most. So we know what we can do again in the future. Or learn if it was a good day or not. This helps them develop more language and conversation skills, while your child gets attention.

Play One-on-One

Giving your child direct attention from you helps them develop in so many ways. Helps with communication and motor skills. Not to mention strengthens your bond, and helps your child feel connected to you. Children can easily feel separated from their parents, hence erratic or persistent behaviours. Giving them a few minutes of your undivided attention can help their security towards you.

Some games to play

  • Blocks
  • Put on a play
  • Dance to a song
  • Build a puzzle
  • Play a sport (kick a ball, play hockey)
  • Bake or cook together
  • Prep lunches for the next day
  • Colour
  • Play Doh

Laugh Together

Include this in your one-on-one time if you want. But have a moment of pure laughter together. Whether it’s trying to tell jokes, tickling or doing silly activities is a true way of strengthening a bond. It relieves tensions and stress from the day (in both parent and child). So have a giggle!

Read a Book Together

Reading is a primary way to help your child learn words, build their language, discover imagination and develops listening skills. It’s an activity that a child should be doing everyday. I wouldn’t recommend making it part of your one-on-one time. I like to make our play time active, and focus on motor skills. Reading time gives us a chance to snuggle and feel close. I love doing this before nap time and bed time to help our daughters unwind and relax. Reading also helps your child develop a love and interest in reading and books.

Snuggle and Express your Love

Give your child a hug, a kiss and describe how much you love them. Make this a moment! Get down to their level, or pick them up. Look them in the eyes and say something positive. This is the most important activity for you and your child. Affection is one of the best ways to develop a bond.

Five activities you can do everyday to help grow or strengthen your bond with your child(ren). Some days you will do these activities for longer than other days. Don’t beat yourself down for this. The goal is to do all five, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Life is busy, and there is only so much time in a day. And if you don’t do all five, just keep setting goals to achieve all five in a day.

Thanks for reading,


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