How to make time for YOURSELF (+my fave self care)

Everyday is a guessing game in our house hold. I have no clue how the day will go. Which really can put a kink in my daily self care. YES! I do some kind of self care everyday. I aim to do three activities that I love and that bring joy to my life daily.

Now these aren’t always the same, I love switching it up. But between being a Mom, care giver, cook, nurse, house cleaner and a million other traits. The day can fly by before I realize I haven’t taken any time for myself.

Why is it important to make time for myself? Motherhood is such a blessing but at the same time a curse. We dive into our new role, and forget ourselves; our individuality. It took me a whole year after my first was born to realize, I need to take care of myself.

Focusing on my self care daily has helped improve my overall mood, my happiness with life and I have more energy. I am so content with my life when I do my activities. And if there is a week where I wasn’t able to focus on myself as much. I’m not happy.

So I stay on top of my self care by creating a schedule that works with any day. Whether we have a busy, slow, crazy or hectic day. I know I am setting myself up daily to reach my self care goals.

I have three different times during the day where I do my self care. I aim for thirty minutes each time so I get a good dose of “me time”.

  1. 7:30am (after breakfast) – in our household this is when the girls like to chill. Their bellies are full and they both like to relax at this time. This is my “movement” time. Whether I workout, stretch or do some yoga.
  2. 12:00pm (nap time) – I’m in a good phase right now because both girls nap. And at the same time! So when they first go down, I tidy up a bit then dive into the self care. After my time, I finish doing chores. I don’t like to get the house work done before my time, incase one of the kids wake up early. I always try to ensure I will get my time.
  3. 8:00pm (Bedtime) – This is the best time because I usually get more than thirty minutes.

Scheduling your time will help motivate you to stick with your self care. And I do make it a priority. My partner also understands how important it is for me to get the time in everyday. His motto “Happy wife, happy life”. My Husband also understands how hard it is to be a stay at home Mom, and appreciates all I do. So together we made a list of things that have to get done everyday. Such as:

  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Put away clothes
  • Book appointments needed
  • Two things we think of the night before

Even though my self care is very important to me. I understand that I have things I must do to keep everyone on track everyday. So my daily goal is to

Complete must-do tasks + self care

I will admit there are days where I don’t get all of my time in because of Motherhood. But I remind myself that I am needed by three people and two dogs. And everyday is not perfect. I set a new goal that evening, and strive to achieve it tomorrow!

Now, Self care is doing what makes us happy. Some of my favourites are:

  • Working out
  • Cooking
  • Reading a book
  • Face mask
  • Getting dressed, hair and makeup
  • Dancing to music
  • Meditation
  • Sitting outside
  • Call a friend
  • Paint my nails

Whatever brings you joy, content and happiness is what you want to be doing daily. Sometimes even going outside and pulling weeds is satisfying.

Take the time to make your schedule, find your faves and give yourself some “ME” time!

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne


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