Mom Sanity Savings Tips

Before you have kids, you don’t ever think of the crazy days. You think of all the happy moments you will get to have, and cute photos and laughs. Well if you’re not a Mom yet, just know you are going to have terribly crazy days.

What kind of crazy? Forget to eat, get peed or vomited on. You don’t change the entire day, or eat properly, the house is a disaster with Cheerios spread all over the floors. And you are asking yourself ten times “what time is it? Wait what day is it?”

So instead of drinking a whole bottle of wine and crying in the bath tub. I’ve come up with a list for you Moms to help save you from these days! And trust me they work.

Have a 5 minute cleanup in the morning and afternoon! Doing this twice a day will help you stay on top of the messes that occur throughout the chaos. I like to do the morning one while my youngest is napping, and I have my toddler help me. They afternoon cleanup is during snack time when the girls are both sitting, in the same spot eating their snack.

Set aside 30 minutes for yourself everyday. Whether you wake up before your kids, have time before bed or during nap time. Make a 30 minute block in your schedule for you to do something you love. Yoga, a workout, reading a book or getting ready. Anything that brings you happiness!

Get outside at least once during the day. The sunshine and fresh air will do you more good than you think. Whether you run errands, go for a walk or play in the backyard. Breathe in the air!

I highly recommend you prepare the night before. Spending ten minutes each night to get clothes laid out, snacks or lunches prepped or certain activities. Will save you a ton of hassle the next day. I always make sure to pack the baby bag the night before if we plan to go out somewhere the next day.

Be thankful that this is your life, and you share it with your beautiful children. It may be hard especially if they have been having a difficult day. But, being thankful with help you process your emotions, help you think positive and make you happier.

A few simple tips that honestly can change your day as a Mom or parent!

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps!

Jaclyn Yvonne


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