Thoughts On Turning Twenty-Seven

It was slightly strange this morning, to look in the mirror and see a twenty-seven year old me. I instantly felt older. I’m so much closer to thirty than twenty. But sitting here thinking about my life, I’ve accomplished many things.

I’m a Mom to a three year old and an eleven month old. I’m married, and we live in our second home. I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist and now I write a blog (the last thing I thought I would be doing). I’ve travelled many places and have had many experiences I thought I would not have tried. (Climbing up a mountain having to use a rope for example.)

All of my experiences before turning twenty-seven have taught me many things about life.

  1. There will be hard days, make the most of the ones filled with sunshine.
  1. Once in a while, look up.
  2. You’re going to have ugly, bad hair days.
  3. Give when you can.
  4. Be present always.
  5. Try your hardest.
  6. If it’s scary, then do it!
  7. Things won’t get easier, focus on ways to get through it.
  8. Eat well. Drink water. Exercise.
  9. Dance it out. If you’re happy, dance. If you’re toddler spills milk all over the couch, dance. If someone is late, dance. Just dance.
  10. No one is cool, so don’t focus on social media and what others say about you.
  11. Always be honest.t

It’s a pretty big list of things I’ve discovered on my path to turning twenty-seven. Many I discovered since being a Mom from the age of twenty-four. Now I really feel like an adult, I think getting closer to thirty does that to you. Somehow a number can have such a dramatic effect with your feelings and thoughts. Or maybe it’s everything you’ve done so far in life, and how fast you got to this age. Honestly, I feel like I was twenty-four yesterday bringing Lily home from the hospital. Or maybe we associate age with where we should be in life. You’re thirty? You should be married and have kids.

I know I’m there now, the whole kids and married thing. But they never made me feel like this. Saying I was twenty-seven to myself this morning made me feel, again….old.

But being this age makes me a excited. My kids are getting older and more interactive. My toddler and I can converse, and we have many fun adventures planned that I know will be memorable. Getting older, means more days to live and more things to learn. I look forward to more self care, self development, and self love. To help me be the person I want to be for myself, my Husband and kids.

Looking forward to this year, but can it maybe not go so fast. I don’t know how I’m going to feel about turning twenty-eight.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne


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