The Vacation Rut (+tips to get you back on track)

Nothing like being away for a whole week, soaking up sunshine and resting by the pool. Then it’s time to come back to reality, to find yourself in a rut. Getting back into your normal routine, eating healthy and back into exercising is more difficult than before your trip.

The first few days home I was having a very hard time starting my normal routine prior to Cabo. My plan during the trip was to exercise, but due to my plantar fasciitis I decided to give myself a break so I could heal. Which I did, so there is a positive in all of this. But when we got home, laying on the couch seemed better than getting in a work out. And was I eating healthy? If eating pizza, lasagna and terrible snacks is healthy then sure!. My body was having a hard time giving up the carbs and sugars that I ate for a whole week. I was on vacation, so I indulged a little bit. Maybe a lot, but it’s ok to indulge. It’s just a matter of putting in some extra effort back at home to overcome this.

I knew to overcome this rut I was going to pretty much go through withdrawal symptoms, and have strict discipline. I sat down and wrote out my daily schedule and goals. So I knew what I was doing and when I was doing it. I meal planned for the week and removed all junk from our cupboards. Anything my babysitters had brought in.

For your goals, try to start simple the first few days till you find your progress is improving. Then increase your goals as you go.

Day 1-2

  • 5 minute stretch in the morning
  • 16oz of water first thing
  • 15 minute yoga/ stretch in the afternoon
  • Walk by the end of the night.

Day 3-4

  • 10 minute stretch in the morning
  • 16oz of water
  • 15 minute workout
  • Walk by the end of the night

Day 5-7

  • Same goals as above
  • 30 minute workout

Start off simple, don’t feel like you have to jump right into an intense workout. If that’s something you think will kick start you, go for it! Keep increasing every couple of days till you find your groove again.

I’m very organized so having a schedule helps keep me on top of things. Writing down what time I am going to do a goal will help me achieve it. I write down specific times for my goals “12:45 – yoga”. If specific goal time setting is to difficult for you and your life. Set an end time. “Complete yoga by 3pm”. It still gives you a time, but with more leeway to achieve it.

Ofcourse meal planning is probably the most important part of getting out of this rut. Establishing each meal will help reduce the stress of what to eat, and will help you eating healthy again. The first couple of days might be rough due to the cravings. You can help them by drinking lots of water, and protein to help you feel full longer. Be sure to have lots of healthy snacks, because the first couple of days you will feel more hungry due to the withdrawal of high carbs and sugars.

This all makes it sound like going on vacation is not a good idea. But I’m so happy I got one week to relax. I had one of the best chocolate pastries, and indulged in the best tacos and fajitas I have ever eaten. A the Pina Colada’s were a must for me, they are on any hot trip. You live once and you have to enjoy the tasty things once in a while.

AND you can also try this whenever your life is in a rut. After the holidays, or a busy event in your life. Any time in your life where in you are in a rut, with limited exercise and unhealthy eating habits.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps!

Jaclyn Yvonne


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