Morning Yoga Sequence to Wake You Up! (+The app I use for timed workouts)

Thanksgiving was another great holiday this year. Also it is my second favourite holiday of the year, it’s in Autumn, I see more of my family because we haven’t been together since Easter, I get to dress in sweaters and comfy cozy clothing, and it marks the countdown to Christmas!

The best part of this weekend was my girls spending time with their cousins! It’s great to see the kids interacting and making memories with one another. Reminds me of all the fun times I had with my cousins as a kid.

With all this food and wine, it definitely makes for a few groggy days after the long weekend. Lots of recovery time needed, and I know tomorrow I’m going to need everything I can too get myself going. And ofcourse tomorrow is a busy day with preschool class, swimming lessons and grocery shopping. Thankfully I have my yoga sequence I do to help stretch my muscles and get my blood flowing even before my morning coffee.

When one of my girls wakes up I get right into my yoga and my goal is to do it for 15 minutes. Some mornings I reach it, others I don’t. It’s ok if you don’t achieve the full time, if you got a few minutes in, you can at least say you did it!

See picture below for the sequence.

Hold each pose for 10 seconds, and try to get 8 sets in. While doing this sequence, be sure to focus on your breathing. If you don’t feel like counting how long to do the pose, set a timer on your phone. Or you can download the SIT app. It’s a great app for timed exercises. I love it for my HIIT workouts! You put in how many sets you want to do, how long, if you want break time and even if you want to dim the screen to save battery life.

Ex. For this Sequence you’re doing 96 poses. Each pose for 10 seconds and I’m not doing a break.

These poses are simple and fun to do with kids. I love when my toddler gets up first because we put on fun dancing music and do yoga together. Teaching her a healthy lifestyle is one of my main goals in life as a Mom, and this puts a big check mark beside that.

So now that you are full of Turkey, yummy desserts and alcohol. Set your alarm, aim for an hour early and make a mental note to do some stretching. Get your blood flowing, muscles and joints moving and increase your energy!

Thanks for reading and enjoy stretching tomorrow!



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