Five Things to Help you Wake up Earlier

If you have been following my posts you will have noticed a trend of waking an hour earlier to increase productivity. Honestly it works, but it’s easier said then done.

When I first started to wake an hour earlier each morning I was having a difficult time completing a task. I would sleep through my alarm, or would feel groggy. Almost not worth getting up early because I wouldn’t be productive at all. End up on the couch till the kids woke up. Not even coffee could get my day started.

I realized I needed to do more than just set my alarm an hour earlier. It was going to be more work than I anticipated. But nothing is easy when you are first making changes in your life.

So I did some research and I decided to do these five things to help give me more energy in the morning, and they work. My productivity is soaring now and I’ve never been happier in my life.

How to make waking up early easier.

The most important tip is to have a consistent sleep schedule. Go to bed early, obviously. Your body requires the appropriate amount of sleep to function properly throughout the day. You must also wake at the same time everyday. Weekday or weekend, it does not matter. The consistency helps get your body into a routine, eventually you will notice you can wake up without an alarm.

This one is also important, but probably the hardest for everyone to do. Put down your phone! Looking at your phone before bed stimulates your mind. Also, the changes in brightness from your phone can increase your cortisol hormone, which is also known as your stress hormone. Leaving you awake. My goal every night is to stop looking at my phone 30 minutes before bed, to give my brain a break. And I leave my phone plugged in away from my bed so I’m not tempted to look at it. Truthfully, if you can accomplish this you can definitely succeed at waking up early.

Eat dinner earlier. In our home, we have always eaten dinner early, between 5-5:30pm. Usually by 5pm, my toddler is screaming that she is starving! Eating earlier helps give your body time to digest your meal before bed.

Doing a calm activity before bed can help prepare you for sleep. This can be reading, yoga or meditation. Whatever suits your needs. I switch it up daily depending on what I am feeling that night. My go to is usually reading, or listening to calm music while I just lay in bed. I make sure 30 minutes before bed I turn on my diffuser with a relaxing blend to really create a calm environment. You need to slow down your mind to get you ready for sleep.

To help boost your energy you when you first wake up is to stretch, even for just 5 minutes. It helps rejuvenate your body, get rid of any aches and gets your blood moving.

If waking up early is something you’re currently attempting, or would like to start doing. I highly recommend doing these to help with the: transition, increase in energy and productivity.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne


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